APAN2002 Conference Program

(Tentative,V.08 : Wednesday, 16 January 2002) 
January 22-26, 2002
Phuket, Thailand

"APAN WG & Committee Meeting Schedule"

Tuesday, January 22, 2002 
09:00-17:30 Pre-Workshop on NR-GOFC Fire Cal/Val  [Agenda] | [Presentation file]
(Dr. Chris Elvidge, Chairperson)
Welcome informal dinner/drink(Optional)

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

APAN Plenary Meeting By Royol Chitradon

By Dr.Thaweesak Koanantakool on behalf of Prof.Dr. Pairash Thajchayapong, Director of National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand. 

"An introduction to APAN"  [ Presentation file]
By Prof. Kilnam Chon, Head of APAN.

"ThaiSarn-3, APAN and Internet 2"  [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
By Dr.Thaweesak Koanantakool, Director of National Electronics and Computer Technology Center.

"10 years of Thailand Internet"  [ Presentation file]
By Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut, Asian Institute of Technology.

"Virtual Laboratory for Multi-Disciplinary Study over Digital Bridge"
By Prof. Kinji Ono, NII, Japan.

11.00-12.30  Track A (Layan Room): Technology Area: "Int'l Activities" (By Wu)


  • Internet2 Update. [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Heather Boyles, (Internet 2).
  • Building Global Cyber Infrastructure: Towards a Global Terabit Research Network [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By James Williams, (Internet2).
  • Hyunhae/Genkai Project: New Frontier Gigabit Network Project between Korea and Kyushu [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Yong-Jin Park, (Hanyang University, Korea) and Keijiro Araki, (Kyushu University, Japan).

Track B (Bangtao Room): User Community Area: "Museum" (By Kasahara and Kwon)


  • "Virtual Museum" and related projects in GENKAI project.(Tentative) [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Yoshiaki Kasahara, (Kyushu University, Japan).
  • 3D Cyber Museum Technology: 3D Modeling, Database, Presentation & Network.(Tentative) [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Yong-Moo KWON, (Korea Institute of Science and Technology).
  • Taiwan Digital Archive Project [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Dr. Eric Yen, (Academia Sinica).
  • Ways of Seeing in a Digital Age: The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative and Art on the Global Network [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Caverlee Cary, (Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative).
Track C (Cherng-Talay Room): Natural Resource Area 1: "Natural Disaster Warning Workshop Part 1 (Natural Disaster Warning System" (NECTEC and Dr. S. Ninomiya , Chairperson)


  • NR-Keynote : Direction for Promotion of Agriculture Research [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Yutaka Aria.
  • Geographical Distributed System using Grid [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Sissades Tongsima and Sitthichai Laoveerakul, (NECTEC).
  • Typhoon tracking system on Internet [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Sitthichai Loverakul, (NECTEC).
  • Agriculture Information Network :Risk Assessment and Agricultural Knowledge Base [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Pisuth Paiboonrat, (NECTEC).
14:00-15:30 Track A (Layan Room): Technology Area: "Digital Video 1" (By Kobayashi)
  • School of Internet attempt of Distance Education using DV stream [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Shoko Mikawa, (Keio University, Japan).
  • HDTV Applications over Gigabit Internet [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Sungkwan Youm, (Korea University., Korea).
  • DV over IP tutorial (1) [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Katsushi Kobayashi(CRL, Japan).
Track B (Bangtao Room): User Community Area: "Distance Learning 1" (By Tan and An)


  • Distance Learning System using an Integrated Media Browser [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Kihwa Lee and Prof. Yong-Jin Park, (Hanyang University). 
  • APRU activities Update [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Dr. Zita Wenzel, (University of Southern California).
  • Global Online Education course module: the S* Life Science Informatics Alliance of Stanford-Singapore-Sydney-Sweden-SouthAfrica [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Prof. Tan Tin Wee, (National University of Singapore).
  • Distance Learning Over Satellite [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Loh Yeow Meng, (Temasek Polytechnic).
Track C (Cherng-Talay Room): Natural Resource Area 2: "Natural Disaster Warning Workshop Part 2 (Wild Fire)" (Dr. C. Elvidge, Chairperson)


  • GOFC Fire Cal/Val workshop highlight [Abstract] | [ Presentation file ]
    By Dr. C.Elvidge.
  • SEARRIN activity By Dr. Mastura Mahmud.
  • Satella: Tool for Peer to Peer Landsat Data Sharing [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    Bruno Margerin (SSAI),John Owens and Dr. Chris Justice (UMd).
  • Planning Discussion on GOFC SE Asia Fire cal/val activities in 2002 [ Presentation file ]
    By Dr. C. Elvidge.
16:00-17:30  Track A (Layan Room): Technology Area: "Digital Video 2" (By Kobayashi)
  • DV over IP tutorial (2) [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Katsushi Kobayashi, (CRL, Japan).
Track B (Bangtao Room): User Community Area: "Distance Learning 2" (By Tan and An)


  • Mobile Satellite Webcast in Education [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Lee Leong, Steve McClung and LohYeow Meng, (Temasek Polytechnic).
  • Mobile World Bank Global Development Learning Network [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Prof. Markus Buchhorn, (The Australian National University).
  • Web-based Internet Remote Experimentation in the National University of Singapore [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By A/P C. C. Ko and Dr Cheng Chang Dong, (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore).
  • Using MCS and AI3 Satellite Connection to conduct joint classes between Temasek Poly and University Science of Malaysia [Abstract] | [Presentation file]v
    By Sureswaran Ramadass (USM), Azlan Oslan (USM) and John Leong (TP).
Track C (Cherng-Talay Room): Natural Resource Area 3: "Natural Disaster Warning Workshop Part 3(Panel Discussion on Natural Disaster Warning)" 
  • Paneller AG
  • Paneller BI
  • Paneller EM By Dr. Pakorn.
  • Paneller NECTEC 
  • Paneller SEARRIN By Dr. Mastura Mahmud.
  • Paneller GOFC By Dr. C. Elvidge
  • Paneller RFDT
Excursion to Phuket Fantasea

Thursday, January 24, 2002
"Track A starts at 8.00"

Track A (Layan Room): Technology Area: "Network Engineering" By Xing Li.


  • Creating a Global Lambda Grid: International Advanced Optical Networking and StarLight, an Optical Exchange [Abstract] | [ Presentation file ]
    By Joel Mamabretti (* remote *).
  • China Academic Network Design and Operation [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Xing Li, (CERNET).
  • Super SINET [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Jun Matsukata, (NII).
  • Construction and Operation of APAN Tokyo XP
    By Kitatsuji Yoshinori.
  • Development of Taiwan Academic Network [Presentation file]
    By Simon C. Lin.

Track B (Bangtao Room): User Community Area: "IPv6" By Ettikan and Fujikawa.

  • IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Alternatives Pro. and Con. [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Karuppiah, Ettikan Kandasamy, (Intel).
  • Location Independent Network for IPv6 (LIN6) [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Fujikawa Kenji, (Kyoto University).
  • APAN-KR/KOREN IPv6 Activities
    By Jaehwa Lee (Tentative).
Track C (Cherng-Talay Room): Natural Resource Area 4: "IT for Agriculture in Thailand"(Dr. S. Ninomiya, Chairperson). [Presentation file]


  • IT for Rural Development :Internet Villages, one product one tambon [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Representative, (Ministry of Interior).
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Aquaculture [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Sih-Yang SIM, Yoothana Suansook and Simon Wilkinson.
  • Improving Extension through IT for Sloping Lands Conservation and Management [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Suraphol Chandrapatya and Kate Taillon, (IWMI-SEA).
  • Monitoring System for an Agricultural Market [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Ronnie S. Natawidjaja Ph.D.
  • Near future plan of MAFFIN - IPv6 and Data Services [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Hisashi Eguchi.

Track A (Layan Room): Technology Area: "Network Traffic Measurement Technology" By Kitamura


  • Multicast Routing Debugger(MRD) [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Heonkyu Park (* remote *).
  • Active Measurement Project on KREONET & APAN [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Manhee Lee, (KISTI).
  • Passive Traffic Measurement on Advanced Campus Network (KAIST) and KREONET2-STARTAP international link [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Jay/JungWon Suh, (KAIST).

Track B (Bangtao Room): User Community Area: "Broadband Access" By YJ Park and Backhorn.

  • Australian First-Mile projects [Presentation file]
    By Prof. Markus Buchhorn, (The Australian National University).
  • Introduction of xDSL Service By Korea Telecom [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Byeong-Hak LIM, (Korea Telecom (bhlim@kt.co.kr)).
  • Mobile Broadband Internet Service [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Kosuke Tomonaga, (Kyushu University).

Track C (Cherng-Talay Room): Natural Resource Area 5: "The APBioNet Activity Update" (Dr. T.W. Tan, Chairperson).


  • Introduction to APBioNet: Advanced Networking and Bioinformatics By T.W. Tan.
  • Knowledge Management in Bioinformatics utilising INTERNET technology By Kamarudin Saadan.
  • XML-Based Grid Data System for Bioinformatics Development [Presentation file]
14:00-15:30 Track A (Layan Room): Technology Area: "Multilingual Internet Names" By Shigeki Goto.
  • What are Multilingual Domain Names? [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Hiro Hotta, (JPRS/JPNIC).
  • Standardization of Internationalized Domain Name at IETF [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Yoshiro Yoneya, (JPNIC).
  • Technical and Non-Technical Implications for deployment of the nascent IDN standards [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Prof. Tan Tin Wee, (NUS/MINC).
Track B (Bangtao Room): User Community Area: "P2P" By Hyun-chul Kim (KAIST).


  • P2P in Higher Education Communities[Presentation file]
    By Ana Preston.
  • P2P Applications/Technologies Updates [Presentation file]
    By Markus Buchhorn, (ANU, Australia).
  • Grid Computing Experience using JXTA, JINI and SUN Grid Engine [Presentation file]
    By Simon See, (SUN/NTU, Singapore).
  • P2P Traffic Measurment and Survey : University students' usage pattern [Presentation file]
    By Jay Suh, (KAIST, Korea).
Track C (Cherng-Talay Room): Natural Resource Area 6: "Earth Monitoring" (Dr. S. Sobue and C. Elvidge, Chairperson).


  • NASDA i-Space Project And Its Approach To Regional Cooperation for Satellite Application Experiments [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Tsutomu Shigeta.
  • GISTDA's Activitites [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Pakorn Apaphant.
    By Kiyoshi Honda.
  • CEOS-APAN EM WG interaction [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Shin-ichi Sobue.
16:00-18.00 Track A (Layan Room): Technology Area : "Multimedia" By Francis and Okamura.


  • IP based Video Conferencing system. A comparitive analysis [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Sureswaran Ramadass and Omar Abouabadallah.
  • AARNet Voice over IP [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By John Barlow.
  • Hat: A High-quality Audio Conferencing Tool using MP3 Codec [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Kyoungae Kim, (Seoul National University).
  • Experimenting Multimedia Conferencing over APAN with Mconf [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Jae Hyuk Ryu, (CNU).
  • ViDe, Internet2 and GDLN [Abstract] | [ Presentation file]
    By Prof. Markus Buchhorn, (The Australian National University).
  • iVCnet and its extension [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
    By Francis Lee Bu Sung.
Track B (Bangtao Room): User Community Area: "Grid" By Sissades, (NECTEC, Thailand) and Kento, (Aida, Japan).


  • High Performance Grid Computing for Optimization Problems [ Presentation file]
    By Dr.Katsuki Fujisawa, (Japan).
  • Thai Access Grid: Deploying the access grid under Thaigrid Environment [ Presentation file]
    By Dr. Putchong Uthayopas,(Thailand).
  • Red Tide Monitoring using Grid Computing
    By Dr. Teo Yong Meng, (Singapore).
  • Developing a grid based CFD environment over ThaiGrid Infrastructure [ Presentation file]
    By Dr. Putchong Uthayopas,(Thailand).
  • N*grid and metacomputing in Korea
    By Dr. Hyoungwoo Park, (Korea).
  • Thai GRID: Current Status [ Presentation file]
    By Dr. Vara Varavithya,(Thailand).
Track C (Cherng-Talay Room): Natural Resource Area 7:"GOFC cal/val workshop follow up discussion" (Dr. C. Elvidge, Chairperson) [Abstract] | [Presentation file]
Beach BarBQ

Friday, January 25, 2002
09:00-10:00 Natural Resource Committee Meeting
(Seishi Ninomiya, Chairperson)
10:00-11:00 User Area Committee Meeting
(Markus Buchhorn, Chairperson)
11:00-12:00 Tech Area Committee Meeting
(Lee Bu Sung, Chairperson)
13:30-15:30 APAN Committee Meeting
(Kilnam Chon, Chairperson)
Dinner APAN Retreat/ "APAN next 5 years" By Jianping Wu

Saturday, January 26, 2002
Morning APAN Retreat on "APAN next 5 years" By Jianping Wu
Afternoon  (Any other topic if any)